The main objectives include:

-Providing those missing loved ones and associates a better, safer, faster alternative to local law enforcement.

-Freeing up local law enforcement to do what they do best-searching and apprehending criminals.

-Training, deploying and equipping a certified dual purpose, non-law enforcement K-9, capable of immediate deployment, to find missing live and deceased persons and is also capable of finding important articles and evidence.

-Training, deploying and equipping a qualified Search and Rescue k-9 handler certified in Forensic Tracking, Search and Rescue Tracking, Specialized Survival Training and Trauma Care.

-Training, deploying and equipping two of the first ever investigative, elite, K-9 Fast Action Search and Rescue Teams (FASAR) to serve the New Hanover County, North Carolina area and abroad.

-Integrating a professional, licensed investigator into each FASAR team, thereby making each team the only Search and Rescue team with ability to search for whom or what is missing, investigate the scene, properly interview all involved and professionally liaison with emergency and law enforcement personnel.

-Providing closure and peace of mind to those experiencing the excruciating loss of a loved one.

Our Main Objective

 During the last 3 years, I&I International K-9 S.A.R Team has selected and trained a dual purpose Search and Rescue K-9 while strengthening our own special skills. Our K-9 is capable of completing a track using an article containing the scent of the person to be tracked and is even capable of self-discovering the track. She is not trained to bite at the end of a track, she is taught to love and play. This K-9 will lick not bite. She is able to locate on drop of blood on a gauze pad, smell a tooth buried 3 feet under the ground and is able to locate evidence as small as the casing of 22 caliber bullet. Our K-9 is trained like a police K-9, trains with police K-9s and deploys like a police K-9. She is with her handler 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I&I International K-9 S.A.R Team


Founded: 2014

Owner: Randy Searls

 Areas of expertise: Drug Detection, Bomb Detection, Cadaver Scent, Missing Persons, Missing Articles, Search & Rescue