Search and Rescue

I&I's SAR Team is highly trained in finding lost children, hikers, missing senior citizens, missing hunters, aircraft and boating accidents, collapsed buildings, earthquakes, flood and disaster evacuations. 

Cadaver Scent

Cadaver Dogs are trained to follow and locate the scent of a decomposing human body.  This service isn't only used for crime investigations but in natural disasters as well.

Missing Articles

An article search is any item, such as candy wrappers, keys, cell phone, clothing, that a subject has lost along the way is a clue that helps the searchers locate the subject. I&I's K9 is trained to alert on a article from the subject by notifying the handler. This can help in any situation with search and rescue, criminal investigation, and a missing person track.

Building Clearing

I&I can go in and make sure your workplace, church or any other structure isn't obstructed with an intruder or something that is not supposed to be there.

Criminal Investigation

If someone has committed a crime against you, your family, your business or your client, you'll need I&I to conduct an investigation to find the facts. We can search an area for cadaver scent or for any weapon. Let us uncover the evidence to help you get the closure and peace of mind. 

I&I K9's Introduction to Search and Rescue

When not deployed, we have a fun informative program that discusses what children and adults want to consider when or if they become lost or discover someone missing. We do these demonstrations anywhere.  For example: daycares, schools, retirement communities, neighborhood watch meetings, nursing homes, etc.

Documenting Child Maltreatment

We have the ability to document trauma  on maltreated children with more sensitive infared ad ultraviolet photography.

Active Shooter Response

I&I is trained  to be the solo response to an active shooter.  Once K9 Jorga's Handler eliminates the threat or threats, K9 Jorga escorts the survivors to safety.

I&I International K-9 S.A.R

Team Services